12 Lighthearted Questions for MBW

May 20, 20120 Comments

Sorry folks but the drought of new content on the show is continuing for another week. The effect of the warmer months are always a content killer every year. Lawns to mow, bikes to ride, and in general just a chance to be outside and not freezing to death while doing it.

But rest assured the dry season won’t last forever. As I’ve been sunning myself and sweat has been pouring down off my brow and stinging my eyes I’ve kept a log of the many things I plan to cover in upcoming episodes. I’ll share more of that with you shortly.

In the meantime, I had the chance to have a little fun answering some questions with Chris Landy over at The Lighthearted Woodworker, 12 questions to be exact. I’m really honored and appreciated the opportunity to be included.

Light-hearted woodworker logo

If you haven’t visited Chris’ blog before click on this link to the article and then go explore, I have a feeling you’ll bookmark it and come back for more. 12 Lighthearted Question for Matt’s Basement Workshop.

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