2012 Audience Survey

February 27, 2012

I realized the other day just how long it’s been since the last time I posted a listener survey. It’s easily been a couple of years since the last one, when all of you who participated, were generous enough to take the time to answer the questions and give us a better idea of who YOU THE AUDIENCE are visiting us here at Matt’s Basement Workshop.

As before, these are straight-forward questions to get a better picture of you and your household. There are no questions or requests for personal information that requires you to submit any kind of identifier about your name, your home address, credit card or bank numbers or even your email address.

The survey is completely anonymous, except if you choose to enter your email address in the final field to get signed up for a chance to win a Matt’s Basement Workshop t-shirt. But even then, that’s not a required field. It’s just a thanks on my part to one lucky survey taker for participating. To get started, click on the link below and please be honest with each question.

The vast majority of the funding for Matt’s Basement Workshop comes from our advertisers and sponsors you see on the website. While it’s currently enough to help cover our annual expenses for hosting services and schwag postage, it falls short of being able to cover equipment and computer upgrades that are inevitable in the future.

Matt’s Basement Workshop Listener survey

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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  1. ray fischer says:


    Like the blog and the show. On the last e-mail I received this morning was the 2012 audience survey and a link to take a survey. The link is broken. Why would you put 2012 survey and not 2014 survey? Seems odd to me or am I missing something?


    • Matt says:

      Nope you’re not missing anything, I haven’t done a survey in the past two years. It’s definitely over due!

      The main reason it’s showing up now is the plugin that makes suggestions for “related posts” isn’t always good at its job LOL!

      A new survey is in the works now.

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