2014 Suggested gift guide for the Woodworker

December 8, 20140 Comments


With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to make sure loved ones know exactly what you want under the tree. To help you out I created a downloadable PDF filled with “suggestions” ranging from hand tools to power tools, and even some suggested reading.

It’s not a complete list of all the great ideas everyone sent me earlier this year, but it’s at least something to help out the loved one who has no idea what you’re talking about…

When you download the PDF, the text next to the pictures are clickable links that will take the user to the online store where the item is available. Depending on your computer’s security settings this feature may be disabled, but if you use the links to make the purchases you’ll be helping to support the show (and I greatly appreciate that about you!)

Downloadable Gift Guide for Woodworkers

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