2014 Woodworker’s wish list

November 5, 20142 Comments

It’s that time of year when woodworkers start dreaming of what they’ll find under the Christmas Tree. Dreams of blades & bits, and finishing kits are filling our minds as I write this (don’t deny it…you know I’m right!)

Peace sign

Help fellow woodworkers have “Peace of mind” they’ll get the right gifts for the coming holidays

Last year we released a wildly popular downloadable “Gift Guide” filled with suggestions and links to help loved ones and friends find just the right gift for their favorite woodworker. And this year I’m planning on releasing another one at the end of November.

But I could use a little help with some gift ideas. Obviously there are some big items we’d all like to see waiting for us when we get up to make coffee on the big day, but what about the smaller ones?

I’m looking for suggestions on books, DVDs, downloadable plans and services, hand tools, power tools and maybe even accessories or finishing kits.

Please feel free to share your suggestions of items you’ve purchased and recommend. Either leave a comment here on the website, or email me directly by clicking here.

Your help is greatly appreciated…by all of us!

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  1. RNorman33 says:

    I can recommend the Peter Follansbee videos from Lie Neilsen for carving and the oak chest for those interested in that stuff. Reasonably priced for the amount of content and won’t put you to sleep!

    Handtool Essentials is a very handy book / download for those looking for the quiet life (minus the inevitable cursing). It’s a collection of articles published over the years and I reference it often.

  2. BikerDad says:

    A sharpening class. Sharpening is one of the most fundamental skills, and it is best taught in person. Not a video, not a book, but a real, honest to goodness class with instructors who really know how to teach and how to sharpen.

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