266 – Talking to Hendrik About Starting A Woodworking Business Pt. 2

May 18, 20080 Comments

This is Part 2 of our talk with Hendrik about starting a woodworking business. We all know that at some point the thought of starting our own has crossed our minds.

I for one have wasted many an hour, daydreaming of walking away from my day job and spending the rest of my life happily making beautiful projects for even happier clients.

But, to be honest I wouldn’t know where to get started, or even how. Luckily for us though our very own guest expert Hendrik Varju does and he’s back to talk to us about it.

If you’d like to learn more about starting your own successful woodworking business from Hendrik, then stop by his website to pick up a copy of his book “Starting and Running a Woodworking Business”.

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