305 Shooting with the Shooting Board

September 10, 2008

Hey everyone here’s the promised video on how to shoot with a shooting board. Highlights include why doesn’t the plane damage the reference edge and of course what’s the best technique.

If you’re curious about my other resource checkout White Mountain Design they have a great tutorial on shooting boards including an excellent photo answer to the #1 question.

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  1. Watching this reminded me of things my woodwork teacher taught me in high school but over the years becoming more reliant on power tools I had forgotten.
    Great to see it all again and it has inspired me to make one, its one of those things that I think once you have one it will be used more and more, especially now that I have a nice sharp fully restored plane lying around, it will be a very handy tip. Thanks again Matt for reminding me how a simple solution like a shooting board and a little technique can save me hours of frustration trying to make a straight edge for a perfect fit into a project.

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