312 Review of Brian Boggs DVD from Lie-Nielsen

September 25, 2008

Hey everyone today’s Feature Friday is a review of another great Lie-Nielsen title. This time we have Brian Boggs and“Drawknives, Spokeshaves and Travishers–A Chairmaker’s Tool Kit”

Part of the reason I’ve chosen this title is because of my recent desire to learn how to use a spokeshave properly. And who else would be better to teach the techniques than Brian Boggs?

In “Drawknives, Spokeshaves and Travishers–A Chairmaker’s Tool Kit” Brian introduces to the most common tools used by chairmakers. While he makes it look easier than it should, Brian gives us some great insight into understanding how to make these simple tools work at their best and in turn give us results like we’ve been doing it for years.

You can order a copy of this DVD at Highland Woodworking.

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