331 Small Table Project Part 3

November 20, 2008

Normally I release these on Wednesdays, but this has been no ordinary week! So here’s the latest episode of the small table build.

In this episode we’re cutting and shaping the legs. A simple job of ripping each one to size and then cutting the double taper that give them their shape.

Since I’ve been back from WIA I’ve been enjoying reading and watching all of the posts and pics my fellow bloggers and podcasters have been posting, and I know you will too. So checkout all of these links and see what really happened behind the scenes…

The Village Carpenter
The Way of the Galoot
The Folding Rule
Woodworking Magazine

With more to come soon!!

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  1. Stephen Hoppe says:

    What about the seems on the legs? How do you get rid of

    • Matt says:

      Hi Stephen

      It’s been quite a while since filming the small table project, but other than bringing the seam of the pieces I laminated together to make the legs down so they were level with each other, I didn’t much to hide it.

      Typically I’ll either level the laminated face with my thickness planer or I’ll make a cut on my tablesaw. Then I follow it up with a hand plane or sandpaper to smooth the milling marks.

      Unfortunately with a laminated piece such as these legs, the hardest part is attempting to match the grains. A lot of times I just check to make sure there won’t be a wood movement issue and just glue together.

      If it was an important build that was meant to be shown off, I’d probably use rift sawn stock that was thick enough not to have to be laminated. Thus no seams to be worried about.

      Hope that answers your question.

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