340 Using Western Chisels at Woodworking in America

December 18, 2008

While at the Woodworking in America conference I had a chance to attend a couple of great classes on using Western style chisels for more than chopping and paring.

The first class was taught by Adam Cherubini the author of the Arts & Mysteries column and blog at Popular Woodworking. Adam introduced us to the most common chisels you’d find in an early American cabinetmaker’s shop, but then he decided to show us a little more hands on of how they’d use those chisels in a way we don’t today.

This was a lead in, to what we’d get in another class taught later that day by both Adam and Roy Underhill. This second class was a hands on class where we would not only see these techniques demonstrated but also try them for ourselves…

Since I’ve been back from WIA I’ve been enjoying reading and watching all of the posts and pics my fellow bloggers and podcasters have been posting, and I know you will too. So checkout all of these links and see what really happened behind the scenes…with more to come soon!!

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