342 Hendrik’s December Visit Pt 2

December 25, 2008

As promised, here’s part 2 of our December visit with MBW’s guest expert Hendrik Varju.  This month we’re answering questions you sent in regarding the topic of “Advice for beginning woodworkers”.  We had some really great questions varying from which tools do I need to get started to electrical needs and heating.
To order a copy of Hendrik’s new DVD or to learn more about his seminars visit his website at www.passionforwood.com.

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  1. Dave Ryhter says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just caught 342 Hendrik’s December Visit Pt 2 and I want to thank you and Hendrik for answering my question about the eclectic hook-up. I have since talked with an electrician and he agreed it should be ok if, if, if, and if was this or that and I think I passed the test.The bottom line was he was worried about burning down the house and I was worried about ruining the saw.After I sent the Question, I to thought it might be a little advanced for the beginner,but not by much. We are always looking for quicker,easier ways to do things so that we have more time to fix other things that we screwed up.

    Near the end of the conversation the discussion centered on the age old question of 110 Vs. 220. Obviously you got to have both, but for stationary equipment I prefer 220 and here’s why. It is more economical and Hendrik brought that up.The cost of a new breaker is far less than the cost of the new wire.

    By necessity all my equipment is fed by extension cords, I just don’t have the room for dedicated work areas and tools are moved in and out as needed. The extension cords are industrial quality not from home depot and have served me well for over ten years. Spend the money on the better quality cords, plugs and recepticals available from a electrical supply house. Anyways,great show and love the new site.
    Chips and Shavings,

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