349 Hendrik’s February Visit

February 20, 2009

As promised I was able to get a hold of Hendrik this month and we sat down for a great conversation. We answered some of the questions you sent in and even wandered down a tangenty trail of woodworking. So I hope you hear something that’ll help you out or answer a question you’ve been wondering too!

Next month, Hendrik’s coming back for another show, and we’re looking for your questions on surface preparation of stock for finishing. So if you have questions about how to do it, what to use, how far to go or anything along those lines email us or click on the link found at the homepage.

Thanks to Milescraft & ZEM by Sensgard for this week’s Schwag giveaway!!

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  1. Neil says:

    Matt…….that was a fabulous episode. Hendrik’s ability to cover aspects beyond what was asked in his “matter-of-factly” manner is the best part of your discussions. Those subtle comments like a woodworkers need to “change technique” might be the problem not the machine. The bench heights for different woodworking tasks ending with the scissor jack, was cool discussion. Every topic goes alittle bit further when you throw out your related examples or morsels of thought. The manner in which the 2 of you took Shannon’s drift question was excellent, material thickness, blade sharpeness, very, very enjoyable to listen too.

    Just an aside……I have been in contact with Handi through the Folding Rule blog and asked if he gets a chance that maybe he might address a scroll saw blade approach. I know I’m not over complicating it, but I found that for a single machine, it has many disciplines each requiring a unique set-up.

    Again Matt…………I thoroughly enjoyed Hendrik hang’in out in the basement, I believe Hendrik is picking up more of that Vanderlistian background humor and adding a Hungarian twist.

    Great stuff……………Neil

  2. BarryO says:

    I wonder, does Hendrik just have small hands? On my combo router bases, I have no problem flicking the on-off switch with my thumb, while keeping both hands firmly on both handles.

    It’s the Dewalt 618 kit, BTW.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Barry,

      It’s very possible Hendrik has small hands, I’ve never met him in person LOL! I know it’s an issue for myself too :-).

      I’ve also always had a problem gripping a regulation sized football, but that’s never stopped me from throwing it around…just being tackled because I’m to slow moving has been an issue.

      Take care and thanks for listening

  3. Chris says:

    Your conversation with Henrik was very interesting, and as I am in the planning stage for a new bench a lot of what he had to say was really very helpful. What amazed me was how different my mental image gotten by listening to the two of you was from his actual appearance on his website. I imagined him as much older. Did he start woodworking in the womb or something?


    • Matt says:

      Hi Chris,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the show. I’m not sure when Hendrik got started, but I agree his picture really ages him. Then again, we have yet to meet in person so it could be the other way around LOL.

      Take care.

  4. Ken F says:

    Matt and Hendrik thanks for your view and insight on the work tables.
    I will be building (Two) a workbench at the height of my wrist and a
    Assembly table that is adjustable.

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