350 Whiteside’s 23/32″ Straight Cutter Bit

March 6, 2009

For the entire month of March 2009 Woodcraft is featuring Whiteside’s 23/32″ Straight Cutting bit…the perfect sized bit for cutting grooves and dados for plywood. This bit couldn’t arrive at a better time in my own shop as I’m currently working on a project that requires dados for plywood pieces.

The results are fantastic as the 23/32″ diameter bit cuts the perfect sized groove for the components to fit together without wobbling or falling out! If you’ve ever had this experience with plywood then this bit is definitely worth taking a look at. To take advantage of the great sale price or just to get a better look at it Click Here to visit Woodcraft.com.

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  1. Handi says:


    Guess that leave me with the First Comment of the month, Since I’ve been here and there and not really here lol.

    I would like to have some Great assortments of Router bits myself, All I have is a Case I bought from Sears for 99 Bucks for a Hand full, not really sure at the moment how many there is. But it was offered in 1/4 Shank which is what I need for my Skil Router.

    Now it would give me greater versitility if There was a Chuck Addon to give me different shank sizes, but i don’t think there is one.

    Anyway, I also wanted to include a Knocking on you lol, and that What appears to be some Silver Cobwebs that’s appearing on your chin there, Maybe a daddy longleg leavin a Silky Trail? LOL


    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the comment Handi! The silver hairs started to show up during my school days…I blame it all on my clinical instructor who loved to torment all of us!! Of course since then, this show and my kids have added a few more to the chin LOL.

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