352 Surface Prep with Hendrik

March 18, 2009

I had originally planned on releasing this episode this weekend, but I decided “why wait?”

Today’s visit with Hendrik we start a “mini-series” where we discuss some of the basics of staining and finishing our projects.

This episode is regarding surface preparation prior to finishing. An important step that most of us would much rather skip over, because it can be so tedious.

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  1. Neil says:

    Hey Matt………..got into some old school stuff on “ding” removal. I know you went off topic in the beginning but the research aspect when in the design process with in this case the guitar is never mentioned but so important. That’s where most of the next kicks are to better designs down the road.

    I found the thinking of leaving grain open interesting………….in my situations that’s always been something the decorator decides and has alot more to do with sheen selection, species and spacial lighting. Maybe Hendrik will go deeper with that in the finishing segment. It could be a quality issue on delevery……..ouch the margins then.

    Good solid information presented in a very enjoyable way . I don’t know but to me, the two of you keep getting better and better together.


    • Matt says:

      I couldn’t agree more about the design process, it’s not mentioned all that much and it seems most woodworkers assume styles can’t cross over and they’re pigeonholed into building all of one or the other.

      We’ll get it in their heads they can do what they want if they’d just open their minds!! LOL

  2. Jon says:

    Matt, there doesn’t appear to be a direct download link any more – are you going to put it back now you’re on the new site ?

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