354 Router Bit Holders

April 10, 2009

I strive really hard to be organized, but let’s get serious…it’s a pipe dream if there ever was one!!

One of the worst offenders of disorganization in my shop is my router bit drawer. All I have for storage of all the great bits we’ve been demonstrating here is a piece of plywood with a few holes to set the bits in.

Sadly I’d bought some router bit holders from Lee Valley over a year ago and I’ve decided enough is enough…it’s time to get organized!!

To learn more about the router bit holders in today’s episode CLICK HERE.

Episode available for download in the following formats:
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  1. Handi says:


    Not a bad Idea there buddy. Wish I had the money for such little helpers.

    That’s Ok thou, I’ve been meaning to work on a Design for Shelf with pull out drawers to hold my Bits, but right now, I have a Wall mount Router bit Storage Unit that came with my Bits when I bought them.

    This is a Great Idea though for all that don’t have enough space in their shop or room to store lots of stuff like you and me of course, I do have a 1 1/2 car Garage, but being in a Wheelchair, Not the full wall is accessible to me, only bout 1/4 way up and the floor, so I have LOTS of unusable space I can’t access.

    So I have to make that up by pull down Shelves etc to store away some of my stuff… my Shop will come along soon when money premits lol.


    • Matt says:

      Really the first design I came up with worked fine. Just using a scrap piece of plywood with some holes drilled that corresponded to the bit shank size held them fine.

      I probably could’ve drilled the holes a little deeper for added stability, but once you start drilling that many your eyes go a little crazy LOL!!

      Take care and thanks!

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