358 Push Sticks and Featherboards

May 6, 2009

Safety Week 2009 is almost half over and everywhere you look everyone’s talking safety. Take a few minutes this week and visit with all of the various blogs, websites and shows to see what people have to say about one of the most important topics in the shop.

For today’s episode let’s take a look at two of the most basic but commonly used safety tools in our shops, push sticks and featherboards.

Both come in different shapes and sizes. And regardless of whether you choose to make your own or buy them from a manufacturer, the fact is they’re invaluable at keeping us safe.

A huge thank you to Milescraft for donating this year’s safety equipment schwag. Winner’s this year will be receiving a schwag prize package including Milescraft’s Dual Featherboard System, Blade Changer and Push Stick Docking Station.

For more great Safety ideas visit The Wood Whisperer or Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Safety Blog. You’ll find more blogs, safety quizzes, videos, tool safety manuals and links to other ideas and shows.

Episode available for download in the following formats:
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