359 Kickback in Action

May 8, 2009

Safety Week 2009 is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we can go back to our old habits…especially if they were bad ones!!

Next to the dangers of dust exposure I think one of the most talked about topics is tablesaw kickback. Unfortunately at some point all of us will have experienced it. The question at hand is how can we minimize the damage when it happens.

If we’re lucky we’ll be able to walk away with no more than a scratch, a little shakey and maybe with a new sense of appreciation for the safety equipment we employ to keep ourselves safe. At worst…well, let’s just hope it never happens.

Minimizing the dangers in our shops should be our No.1 priority. And to get started we need to know what we’re facing. Knowing the enemy is half the battle. And thanks to our guest expert Hendrik Varju of Passion for Wood we have a video clip from his latest DVD “Revelations on Tablesaw Set-up & Safety” that demonstrates the real danger of kickback.


This is a low-res clip, so it’ll appear a little grainy, but it’s a great look at our worst fear in the shop. To order a copy of the DVD CLICK HERE.

A huge thank you to Milescraft for donating this year’s safety equipment schwag. Winner’s this year will be receiving a schwag prize package including Milescraft’s Dual Featherboard System, Blade Changer and Push Stick Docking Station.

For more great Safety ideas visit The Wood Whisperer or Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Safety Blog. You’ll find more blogs, safety quizzes, videos, tool safety manuals and links to other ideas and shows.

Episode available for download in the following formats:
|SD Video||720HD Video||Mobile Video|

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  1. John says:

    That text scrolling across the video clip is seriously annoying. The ABC (Australia) just has its logo in a corner someplace.

    In this particular case, considering the message, viewers should be abjured to copy it and show their friends! It’s much more important than who has the right to distribute such a small video clip.

    I’m new to woodworking, but it seems to me that kickback is allmost impossible on my tablesaw, It has a shield over the blad, a riving knive and antikickback pawls. The last prevent wood from being drawn out the infeed side.


    • Matt says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for dropping me an email about episode 359. I agree with you on the scrolling text, but with concerns of his intellectual property being ripped off it was one of the stipulations Hendrik required for me to play the clip.

      I figured the fact that we were re-playing a low-resolution copy of the clip would’ve been enough, but he was very specific in his request.

      The setup on your saw sounds ideal for helping to guarantee kickback will be greatly minimized. I’m never comfortable saying anything will eliminate it, but your setup is about as good as it gets!!

      Take care and thanks for writing. If you ever have any questions, concerns or more comments…don’t hesitate to write again…I really appreciate hearing from everyone.

  2. Hendrik says:

    Hi, John:

    Intellectual property rights like copyright, trademarks, etc. are incredibly important for business reasons, but that shouldn’t stop you or anyone else from sharing important information like how to avoid kickback. The trick is to simply provide your friends with a link to the video clip, as opposed to copying it and then emailing it to them. There is no need for someone to copy it when anyone in the world can access it directly through the world wide web.

    Your friends can see the original clip here: http://www.passionforwood.com/dvdpreview2.htm
    and some others here:

    This is all copyrighted footage that can’t be copied, but it is easily accessed by all your friends if they go to the relevant links.



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