382 Hendrik’s Busy Summer and More

September 17, 2009

Hi everyone! Our very own guest expert Hendrik Varju is back for another visit and today were sitting down to talk about his busy summer. Between seminar appearances and having an entire dust collection system custom installed in his shop Hendrik somehow managed to find time for summer fun and producing two new instructional DVDs.

This episode was recorded on Labor day, 2009. It was one day before his new DVDs were released, so there’s not many details released. But next month we’ll be diving in deep to talk about them.

To learn more about the two new titles, “Working with Plywood” and “Wood Science & Design” visit Hendrik’s website at www.passionforwood.com.

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  1. Jeremy Kriewaldt says:

    Hey Matt

    When you are next talking to Hendrik, let him know how helpful I have found his suggestion of using a brushspinner in cleaning those critters. Best $35 I have spent in ages!


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