387 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt.1

October 9, 2009

After a long delay and a few stops and stutters my wife’s bookcase is finally completed. It’s a simple design with a base and hutch. I decided to use plywood for the majority of the components, as cutting wider pieces is so much easier with sheet goods.

But instead of the usual home center plywood I opted to dive right into using premium plywood. While it nearly tripled the bottom line, the final results were worth it. I’ll never look at home center plywood the same again after indulging on this stuff.

Today’s episode is just the introduction and covers a large portion of my ripping the sheets to their final dimensions, or at least close to it. For sure it was a matter of taking them down to more manageable sizes. And I even included a scene that I’m not to proud of as I make what could’ve been a dumb and costly mistake. Costly as in, rush to the hospital if it went bad costly!!

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  1. Handi says:


    I noticed a few things in this video…

    1. You talk to damn much… Kidding, thought I’d toss out a lil Humor there at the beginning.
    2. I noticed, You have a little too much light at least for recording your videos.
    3. I noticed, unless a camera Trick, that your Sheets were bowed.
    4. i noticed a Slight kickback on that small piece at the last rip you done, nothing big.

    All in all you done great doing this yourself, keep up the great work my Friend.


  2. Jim Hallada says:

    Matt, Dude, your scaring me here. Ok, you realized the pushing down was a bad thing, guess we’ve all done this without thinking, but another thing…be careful about leaning over the blade. Maybe, just an optical illusion, but it looks like your apron (I wear one too) is very close to the moving blade. Again, maybe just the camera angle. Or maybe I’m just paranoid, but moving blades always make me nervous. Oh, and maybe you’d better make sure Hendrik doesn’t see this…LMAO. After watching his Table Saw DVD (thanks again for that by the way) I bet he might mention a few…oh, minor things LOL. Love what your doing Matt keep up the great work, and congrats on the Highland thing again.

  3. runningwood says:

    At last the bookcase video we have all been waiting for. Nice job. Matt, can you talk a little bit about any precautions you took to avoid tear out at the cut lines in this plywood. It seems I always have issues with plywood tear out unless I use blue tape on the cut lines. Any tear out here ?

    Great job

  4. Steve says:

    I also found myself cringing as you leaned over the turning blade. I actually went back to look at it again to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. It was very close to your apron!
    Maybe lay a couple of 2x4s length-wise on your outfeed table to get the height more even with your tablesaw so there isn’t so much of a drop as you push the material through the blade.

    Here’s my suggestion for a replacement for your apron: http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/miscellaneous/9080/

  5. Matt says:

    Play Video Comment

  6. Handi says:


    HAHAHA, That was a Great Video Comment…

    I like the Idea of Audio and or Video Comments, Unfortunatly, my Dogs are going Haywire right now so I’m unable to do either or, but in the Near Future I will consider a Video or even Audio Comment.


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