392 Whiteside’s Corner Chisel Tool

October 26, 2009

It’s the week of Halloween and who doesn’t like a little trick and treating? Well you don’t have to get all dressed up as your favorite woodworking podcaster to take advantage of this treat from Whiteside and Woodcraft, you just have to head to your local store or order online before October 31, 2009.

That’s right it’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!!! And while I’m late getting this month’s episode posted I think you’ll love this little time saver.

Whiteside’s Corner Chisel makes quick work of squaring up the rounded corners left when you cut those shallow mortises for hinges and hardware. One hit on the retractable dual chisel and you have a square corner without fear of missing the finish line and leaving a mark that’ll be highlighted when you apply your finish.

Easy to use and fast too, especially if you have a whole kitchen load of hinges to install. Or if you just want them done right the first time.

Of course as we always do one of these great Whiteside Corner Chisels will be given away in this month’s schwag drawings. But in case you’re not entered for the giveaways or just want to take advantage of the sale price before it ends JUST CLICK HERE TO ORDER TODAY.

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