393 October Schwag Drawings

October 31, 2009

It’s time to giveaway some schwag for the month of October and why not do it on the same day kids are out Trick or Treating? But rather than scaring the living daylights out of everyone I’m planning on making it feel a little more like giving holidays that are now just around the corner.

Hopefully you’ll be one of our seven lucky winners and if you hear your name, congratulations. But if you’re not, don’t lose hope, there’s always next month and the month after that and the month after that…

A huge thanks to our schwag donators, Kreg Tools, Highland Woodworking, Lost Art Press, Whiteside Router bits, Milescraft, Sensgard, Lee Valley and Hendrik Varju. We all appreciate your generousity!!

Please remember, all the names submitted for October’s drawing are being cleared out of the coffee can and now you’ll need to start re-entering for November’s Schwag.

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  1. Marc says:

    Oh man! I heard Marc and I thought I was the lucky winner!! Damn you Vanderlist! 🙂

  2. Handi says:


    A ? Do we have to Re enter every moneh for the Schwag Drawing?

    Or do we Enter once til The name is called then you toss it out and you have to re enter after that?


    • Matt says:

      I’m asking everyone to re-enter each month. Sorry for the inconvience vs. before, but I just love hearing from everyone LOL!!

  3. Handi says:


    Oh Ok, I thought you enter once and you keep it in til you win then you re-enter, well i guess I’ve been missing out for the last several months rofl.

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll re enter again.


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