396 Veritas Plow Plane

November 17, 2009

Plow planes are nothing new, they’ve been a mainstay in hand tool shops for centuries. In fact the plow plane was and still is a tool that defined the craftsman. Whether it was an all wooden bodied plane with ebony inlays and beautiful brass components for a master woodworker. Are a simple boxwood or beech bodied plane for the journeyman, plow planes were vital to furniture construction.

Today’s version, made by Veritas, is a beautiful example of a modern plow plane that is completely functional and also quite capable of giving a router or a dado stack a run for its money.

With a wide assortment of blade widths, ranging from 1/8″ to 3/8″, the Veritas small plow plane can make quick work of laying out a groove of varying depths without the scream of a motor or sawdust and chips being thrown back in your face. And that’s only the obvious benefit of using it!

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  1. Matt Hartley says:

    This is my first Matts Basement Workshop Video, and i have to admit i like it..

    nice looking plane and thx for the technique on starting at the furthest point.

  2. John Verreault says:

    Hi Matt

    Just re-watched this one and was just thinking of how the line of accessories for this beautiful tool has expanded in the last year. I bought myself a present a couple of months ago of the entire imperial set including the new “Blade Roll for Veritas® Small Plow Plane”. It is unbelievable and well worth an episode just to show it off. Perhaps Veritas will provide you with a left handed model…just a thought.


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