397 “Wood Science & Design” DVD with Hendrik

November 19, 2009

Hendrik is back again for the month of November and this time we’re discussing his second DVD released this year, titled “Wood Science & Design”.

This title is packed with a lot of science about the in’s and out’s of wood movement, reading grain directions and a great tutorial on the different cuts of lumber and how you may want to use them in designing your projects.

As always with Hendrik we have a ton of information in the show, but even more in the DVD. So take a listen to today’s show and you’ll get a great sneak peek at what you’ll find in it.

To learn more about Hendrik or to order one of his four DVD titles, including the one being discussed today visit his website at www.passionforwood.com.

As you’ll hear in the show, for the month of December instead of a regular show. We’ll be doing a live chat show where you’ll be able to join us in the chat room and listen live as we open up the discussion to you the audience.

We’re planning on December 16th at 8PM so mark your calendar now. And if you can’t make it, but you’d like to ask Hendrik a question drop us a line and we’ll be sure to answer it on the show. Questions aren’t limited to topics we’ve already discussed, so if you’d like Hendrik’s opinion on something don’t hesitate.

Also, don’t forget to enter for the schwag drawings. And please help support the show by visiting our advertisers!

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