399 Samantha’s Bookcase Pt. 5

December 3, 2009

In today’s episode we wrap up the solid wood edging on the base. I chose to attach it via biscuit joinery and then to make it flush with the shelf surfaces and sides I ran a flush trimming bit along the edge.

The result sounds like a lot of work, but in the end the extra time and effort were worth it. The key to successful flush trimming involves reading the grain direction and avoiding tearout. Unfortunately, that’s something I still need to work on apparently.

On a different topic, the end of the year is quickly closing in on us and of course that means less time for the show and shop and more time for the family. As I’ve done in the past around this time of year, I’ll be taking the last couple of weeks in December and the first in January to celebrate with the family and friends.

But before the holiday hiatus, we have a couple of big events happening. 1st, is a different kind of show with our very own Guest Expert Hendrik Varju. We’ll be going live with a show to take your questions on December 16th. It’ll be broadcast live from my website and I’ll have more details in the next week. This is a great opportunity to pick Hendrik’s brain of just about any topic, whether it’s covering his DVDs or any of his articles.

The 2nd big happening at the show is the upcoming Schwag Giveaway Extravaganza!! You may have noticed there was no November drawing. That’s because I decided to combine the November and December schwag into one big pile and draw names just before the Holidays really kick in. So if you’re already entered for November, don’t worry about December, but if you haven’t entered at all yet what are you waiting for? The drawing will be December 18th so mark your calenders!

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