405 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt. 1

January 21, 2010

Today we start a new build project. Another child’s dresser, but rather than being like Aiden’s dresser from the first year of the show being posted. This one is made of maple and is designed to be shorter and wider (much like the host of the show!).

I’ve tried to incorporate as many handtools into the build, but when I started this project I had just received my new Steel City Bandsaw from Highland Woodworking’s special offer.

Hope you enjoy this first part of a multi part series that’ll be appearing here on the show for the next several weeks. As always, if you have any questions you know how to find me by visiting the website or dropping me a line via email.

Download Video File

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  1. Grant says:

    Nice show Matt.
    Always great to hang out with you in the shop.
    I forgot that you are a southpaw.
    Good looking saw.
    Looking forward to “the rest of the story”. (-:

  2. Chuck says:

    Hey Matt, what happened to the Grizzly bandsaw that you had? Didn’t you just put a riser block on it? Just wondering. Also, it that the Kreg bandsaw fence on there? If so, how do you like it?


  3. Adam Weil says:

    I know you said that you purchased lumber for all 3 of the projects at once. How much board feet did you get and how much did it cost?

    • Matt says:

      Hey Adam,

      It was about 150 bdft of maple and my lumber supplier had it for @ $2.66/bdft. They even delivered it for a small fee, about what it would’ve cost me to rent a truck and head out there.

  4. Marc says:

    Oh man look at all that exotic maple! lol. Good luck with the project brother!

  5. Vic says:

    Another advantage of the bandsaw vs tablesaw is safety. Don’t get me wrong…LOVE my TS, but the BS has never thrown a board at me.

  6. Eric says:

    Great intro to the project, Matt. I’m in the middle of a project with maple drawers, and your warning came true for me — I cut the drawer sides to dimension, left them alone for a week, and they bowed on me. Ended up making the box joint fingers a little rough. Next time I’ll follow your brick advice! Thanks for all you do for woodworking.


    • Matt says:

      Really wish I could take full credit for the idea of using a brick, but I can’t remember where I saw that idea. It was probably something in a Fine Woodworking Magazine article.

      Working with Kiln dried wood is pretty stable and you don’t have many fluctuations, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

      Take care and thanks for checking out the show.

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