421 Maple Child’s Dresser Wrap-Up

March 25, 2010

Today’s episode is the final in the series on the Maple, Child’s Dresser build. Unfortunately as will happen on this show, I did have to jump forward in time a little as I started to fall behind my original schedule to have it completed. Up to this point the vast majority of the construction has been documented, and the only thing that was left to complete was the drawers.

We can come back on another episode and talk more specifically about the drawer construction, but in this episode I’ll touch briefly on what I did in this project to make them. As part of the final wrap up on the build I’ll touch on some of the subtle details I used to make the dresser as kid friendly as possible.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Coming up for the next build project…the Maple, Child’s Bookcase!

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  1. Cabs 4 Less says:

    Just found your site great stuff I own a small cabinet shop in lower alabama and i envy your hand tool skills i use soley power tools due to the work loads. BUt your comment on maple as far as its working ability I hate it myself every board of maple I ever cut is twisted, cupped, etc. and always trys to bind as i rip it Idont know if its just cause of the poor quality of maple lumber growing conditions or lacations around here so i was just curious if you had any problems with your stock

    P.S. Love the buffet design keep it coming


    • Matt says:

      Thanks for the nice comments about the show and especially the buffet, I really appreciate it! I can completely understand the need in your shop to keep it all powertools, it’s a frequent conversation I’ve had in the past with others when the topic of efficiency for a professional shop arises.

      Regarding the question about Maple, I have a feeling Maple is just a pain no matter where it’s grown LOL!

      It seems no matter how much I look for the best stock, Maple just isn’t a nice player.

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