424 Hendrik in April

April 15, 2010

It’s time for another visit from our very own guest expert Hendrik Varju of Passion for Wood. This month we were discussing more about wood science and movement. We had some questions come in from listeners, and as usual the conversation headed off in many directions. So hopefully we’ll cover something you were hoping to hear the answer too.

If you’ve ever been interested in starting your own Woodworking business but wasn’t sure how to get started or what to expect have we got a show for you! Coming up soon is Hendrik’s annual “starting a woodworking business” seminar. Too get all of you ready for it, we’ll be talking with Hendrik about his life before being a professional woodworker. Have any questions you’d like to ask Hendrik about getting started? Drop us a line, EMAIL US with you’re question.

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  1. Daniel Wise says:

    This was a really interesting talk. You can tell he’s one of those people that are scary smart. I had to back up the audio a couple of times to wrap my head around what he was saying. Good stuff. keep it man.

  2. John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:

    Just out of curiosity, who is the Canadian dealer for Laguna? I did not realize we had one up here.


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