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May 24, 2010

Today’s “Try it Tuesday” is all about my shop apron, more specifically the Leather Apron from Highland Woodworking. With it’s generous proportions, it’s deep flap covered pockets and it’s really comfortable feel (once it’s properly broken in that is) this is a great apron for any woodworker.

Why would you need a shop apron? With all the little things you have laying around your benchtop, or on top of your stationary tools it’s great to have a place to put them where they can be reached quickly and easily. That’s exactly what a good shop apron will do. Not to mention protecting you from flying debris and keeping you from being caked in sawdust.

Regardless of whether it’s leather, canvas, cotton or polyester? A good shop apron will pay for itself in no time, especially when you don’t have to search for your pencil or square.

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  1. Woodcanuck says:

    Matt, thanks for this one. I’ve had an apron for years, but I only really used it for turning and occassionally if I was carving on my lap (won’t stop a gouge…but it’s an extra layer anyway).
    It never occurred to me to ‘stock’ my apron with gear and wear it all the time. This weekend I tried it out and I was pleasantly surprised.
    I only had to look for a tape measure once…since I left it by the bandsaw rather than putting it back in the pocket.
    I stocked up on pencils, small square and a ruler….I actually spent more time woodworking than hunting for tools.
    Great idea to cover this….definitely something I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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