440 Maple Kid’s Bookcase Part 2

September 16, 2010

With the side panels glued up and grooved to recess our adjustable shelf hardware it’s time to move on to the next part of the Maple Kid’s Bookcase. In today’s episode we cut and prep the fixed shelves then attach them, along with the top rails, to the side panels from Part 1. My method for this construction process is to use Pocket Hole Joinery. They’re strong enough to hold up to the wear and tear the bookcase will endure and make the construction process very simple.

At the end of the build portion, we’ll take a look at the options we have for cutting notches in the shelves themselves. Because of the design, the shelves need to “wrap around” the four legs to fit snug against the recessed panel. I use a bandsaw for this task, but if you don’t have one…there are other ways this can be accomplished.

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  1. John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:


    Your comments about the table saw cutting notches is a bit off base. I have cut entire tenons with just a table saw. You just have to stand the piece on end or on the narrow side using a mitre gauge and a high backer board. It works fabulously. Better yet, use a tenoning jig…either way you will not get those over cuts.



    • Matt says:

      Hi John,

      You’re right about cutting notches and tenons on the tablesaw, and I probably should’ve stated what I meant a little bit better.

      My comments about the notches on the tablesaw were meant to be about working with components the size of the shelves for this project. If I had taken the time to set up a jig that could hold a shelf 36-40″ in length and 18″ in width securely on end, to nibble away or cut in two passes, then it would work. But for a project like this one, I just chose to go with the tools that seemed easier to use.

      Still, if it was a smaller component, the tablesaw would be high on the list.

      Thanks for the comment and we’ll include it in the followup at the end of the build.

      • John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:

        Hey Matt

        No problem and thanks for all the hard work you do here. I just thought it was odd you were overlooking the obvious…I do get the time crunch issue though. Good luck on the rest of the build.


  2. Bobby Slack says:

    Thanks for great content … and over and over and over. You always provide us with great ideas. I don’t own a band saw and for cuts like that, I feel like I have more control with My festool ts75 and a festool jig saw. I sneak in the line and the cut with the jig saw comes out perfect … it just takes more time.
    Thanks again and have a great day.

  3. Ken F says:

    Hi Matt,
    Did I see sweat from your brow, you handle a hand plane like a Benihana chef over a hibachi grill. Nice!

    Are you planing on taking this apart later,
    Pocket Screws are nice and work well.

    “GLUE and SCREW”

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