452 Walnut Buffet Pt 2

February 18, 2011

In the second part of the construction of our friend’s Walnut Buffet we’ve completed the construction of the carcass that makes up the majority of the project. From this point forward it’s now a matter of adding pieces of the structural details. The dividers between the doors and drawers, the boxes for the drawers, the drawer fronts and the doors themselves.

But before we get into all of those components, I want to add the solid walnut pieces that cover the exposed plys of our premium walnut plywood. Because the design requires the face frames to be the same thickness as the plywood itself, I had a couple of different options for how I was going to attach it. I already decided I wanted solid walnut vs a simple edge veneer. But I wanted to make sure it was securely fastened other than simply glued flat face to plywood edge.

I thought about either biscuit joinery or even reinforcing with brads. Both didn’t seem very appealing, so I did a little more research. What I came up with was to use an edge banding bit system that created matching profiles in both the plywood edges and the solid walnut face.

The folks over at Eagle America were really great to let me try out this system for this project and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wanted something that did more than simply dress up an exposed edge. Because of the way the solid stock is interlocked with the sheet good, it offers an added rigidity that I’m not convinced a simple face glued strip would be able to provide.

There is a small learning process to get started, but as I demonstrate in today’s episode once you do a few test cuts and even create reference blocks, setup and use is a breeze. And the results speak for themselves.

Thank you Eagle America!

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  1. Sandhill says:

    Hey Matt, Looking good man where did you get the feather boards for the router? I need a set.

  2. Sandhill says:

    You know I was thinking that those router bits would be great for table top glue-ups when you have 3/4″ boards and not any room for misalignment.

    • Matt says:

      You could definitely use them for alignment between boards. As long as the boards were held tight to the router table you’d get good results. There are glue joint bits on the market that do something almost exactly like what you’re thinking.

      It’s a single bit that creates an interlocking pattern between edges. Once you cut one edge, it’s a matter of making a slight adjustment to the bit and you’re ready to make the mating edge. We featured it on “Router Bit of the Month” November 2007 http://mattsbasementworkshop.com/router-bit-of-the-month-glue-joint-bit-the-video/

  3. Ken F says:

    I like the not going with the traditional style face frame,
    We got to see different techniques for case work.
    I am definitely interested to see how you build this piece.

    For setting up the second mating profile bit, would aligning it
    With the test cut from the first bit be easier than marking it with a pencil?

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