457 Walnut Buffet Pt. 7 – The Wrap-Up

April 15, 2011

On today’s show we’re wrapping up the walnut buffet build. Really there’s not much more to discuss other than the finishing process, and how and why I chose to roll my nicely laid out mitered edges on the top (here’s a hint, sharp edges won’t just bite you when you bump into them. They also like to break off too).

And then there was that whole moment where the buffet fell 3 feet off the sawhorses and came smashing down onto the workshop’s concrete floor. What, you didn’t hear about that? With all the crying and gnashing of teeth I don’t know how you could’ve missed it.

Well regardless of whether you knew about it or not, I’m going to show the life-saving technique Kari Hultman demonstrated for the Popular Woodworking Magazine Tricks of the Trade column that kept me from going over the edge.

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  1. Bobby Slack says:

    Miter case. I built a similar project using dominos instead of biscuits and to protect the edges I use my MFK to route a 1/16″ rabbet and glue a piece of solid wood in the corner. Never tried your method of “burnishing” the corner, sounds faster than mine.

  2. Ken F says:

    It is great that you have taken areas of your build and given us detailed techniques of them.
    Not only we experienced you build fine furniture we learned along the way.


  3. Chris says:

    Thanks Matt-
    Helpful fixes!

  4. That’s a neat little trick with the veneer for sure. You might only need it once in your woodworking life, but it is indeed a life saver. :o)

  5. Gerald Jensen says:

    Matt … Nice trick … thanks for going through the tip on patching veneer accidents.

    I’ve started using EMTECH EM6000, a water-borne lacquer from Target Coatings. I don’t know how it compares to the General Finishes products, but it builds fast, dries in a hurry, and is almost completely odorless. Some of the commercial shops in my area are using it and have moved away from solvent-based finishes.

    — Gerry

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