461 Walls of Shelves Pt. 3

June 24, 2011

Today’s episode starts off with drilling the series of holes on the sides for the adjustable shelves. The key to this task is to get them parallel to the edges of the sides and of course more importantly with each other. To get the job done right I’m using the Veritas Shelf Drilling Jig.

It’s at this step that even with the flattest shelves, if the holes are misaligned, the shelves are nearly impossible to correct and the books or nick-knacks displayed on them will really emphasize the mistake. And once we finish with the adjustable holes, it’s time to move onto the glue-up and assembly.

In the second half of the episode we’ll talk more about a fix to help take care of unsquare glue-ups. One that doesn’t involve tearing the assembly apart and starting all over. No special tools required, just the clamps you’re already using.

Tools mentioned in today’s episode along with link’s to our affiliate programs to help support the show:

Veritas Shelf Drilling Jig – Lee Valley
3D Square – Highland Woodworking
Corner Joiners – Highland Woodworking
Right-Angle Assembly Clamps – Lee Valley
Web Clamp – Highland Woodworking

“L” Bracket Jig from Matt’s Basement Workshop Archive – Click here to visit post.

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  1. Vic Hubbard says:

    I just always go straight to adding a clamp to the obtuse corners. Great show, Matt.

    • Matt says:

      That’s probably a better plan when the clamp length allows. The less playing around with the existing clamping pressure the better.

      Thanks for visiting Vic, is this your first time here LOL?

  2. John Verreault (aka Johnny_Vee) says:

    Yet another great show…do you get tired of hearing that? Seriously, it was great and I agree with Vic, I always go for a clamp across the corners to tweak the carcass back into square but other perspectives are always welcome. Keep ’em coming Matt.

    I am glad you got that summer hiatus idea out of your head. LOL



    • Matt says:

      Did I forget to mention the July Hiatus? LOL! I’ll at least be absent for a few episodes over the summer, but not months like previously.

      Thanks John…you the man!

      • DTChristensen says:

        I guess if you’ll be absent for a few episodes, we’ll get to see what woodworking skills the beanine has on its own! Hope it’s been paying attention to your lessons… (chortle)

        Thanks for the vids, Matt!

        • Matt says:

          My little vacation is just about to end. So that means back to work, both day job and podcasting.

          A couple more episodes of the “Wall of Shelves” and on to something new. Preferably smaller and weekendy???

  3. Bob Rankin says:

    Great tip on squaring up the corners, I like how you sometimes break the show in half and discuss topics in detail.

  4. Jim says:

    Just watched this episode (yes, I’m in “catch up” mode)… I really like the portion on how to fix the non-square corners with tweaking the clamps. The way you explained it made it more clear to me if I should end up in that situation.

    • Matt says:

      I remember not so long ago when I thought the only way you could reset something if it wasn’t square was to take it apart and start all over again.

      MAN I’m glad I found out about that technique lol!

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