462 Walls of Shelves Pt. 4

July 22, 2011

So far in the “Walls of Shelves” series you’ve seen me working on some rather straight forward, basic shelving units. Along with these regular pieces, the client had asked if I could build a corner shelving unit for them also. The corner piece isn’t all that different from the other units except for the curved shelves.

In today’s episode I’ll demonstrate how I cut those curved shelves using a tablesaw and a jigsaw, and then in the second half of the episode I’ll share with you some optional tools we can use to make the same cuts.

If after watching the show you have an alternate method I didn’t mention I’d love to hear about it, leave a comment below or drop me a line by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Neal says:

    Matt-This post came at the perfect time. I’m in the process of building a mini desk (sort of L-shaped) and was wondering the best way to cut out the corner from trhe plywood that I didn’t need. Bingo! Even though mine is a 45 degree angle instead of curved, it made perfect sense for me. Although I have to admit Iwas wondering at first why the hell you had the blade so high. 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Hi Neal,

      I have to admit, having the blade as high as it was during those cuts was scary as hell LOL! But the final result speaks for itself.

      It’s all a matter of paying close attention to what you’re doing (more so than usual) and having a way to hold the piece tight to the tablesaw top while you shut the motor off. Thankfully for me the saw has a big a switch I could hit with my knee LOL.

      Thanks for checking out the show!

  2. Jack says:

    I have been told that in Europe a band saw seems to be the ‘shop center tool’ like the Tablesaw is in the US. Not that they aren’t both use on both sides of ‘the pond’.

    Would you have any pointers to find out about how workflow tends to vary in European wood shops vs US? (or downunder too!)

    If I am totally ‘out there’ let me know that too! I promise, I haven’t been ‘smoking in the shop’ to bring this up 🙂

    • Matt says:

      Hi Jack,

      I can’t say for certain to how woodworkers outside the States setup their shops, but I do know regulations on certain tools are more restrictive elsewhere. My understanding is that tools like tablesaws with arbors long enough for stacked dados aren’t available everywhere.

      And just like with all things, there are regional differences and preferences. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if in many locations the bandsaw is the one tool that is most readily available.

      From my own experience with the bandsaw I can say they’re actually extremely versatile.

  3. Tom Collins says:

    Great show! I like to use the router and a template to make curved projects such as your shelves. I prefer router bits with the bearing at the end and put my template on the bottom. This keeps the bit from digging in to the work if you accidentally tilt the router.

  4. Jim says:

    Another method for routing with a template would be to use a bushing and a combination upcut/downcut spiral bit (some even come with their own bearings so you won’t need the bushing). If you do go with a bushing, you just need to make sure you adjust the template for the distance between where the bushing rides against the template and the cutters edge. The double spiral helps to tame tearout by both downcutting on the top layer of the sheet and upcutting on the bottom.

  5. Thomas Nyholm says:

    Hi Matt What about using a holesaw mounted in the drillpress and cut the curve first and then use the tablesaw to cut the strait cuts

  6. Bob Rankin says:

    I’m following closely with the shelves project, thanks for recording the progress – I can’t wait to see them up. When you filed down the curved plywood shelves with the rasp I was getting the urge to pass you my benchtop oscillating spindle sander. Do you have one?

    • Bob Rankin says:

      And how the heck can I get an avatar picture instead of the silhouette? I see some have one. Is there a login?

      • Matt says:

        There is someplace…I’ll have to look it up, because it’s been so long since I did mine LOL.

    • Matt says:

      I wondered how many viewers would feel that way LOL? I don’t have a oscillating spindle sander. It’s one of those things that’s on my list but I always seem to have something else I buy instead.

  7. Bear says:

    I’m with Thomas on this one. I would use the bandsaw or tablesaw to do the flat cuts on the shelves but then use an adjustable hole saw to get the curve. Use a sacrificial board under your cut and there is next to no cleanup needed

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