467 WIA 2011 lectures pt 1

October 17, 2011

This week starts the first of two episodes featuring selected clips from some of the classes I attended at Woodworking in America 2011. There are a lot of great classes to choose from and the lecturers are equally fantastic.

While Woodworking in America is usually billed as a hand tool event, over the years several new topics have been added to round out the experience of attendees. From design and Sketchup to power tools and even Japanese hand tools. Woodworking in America lecturers are covering a wide variety of topics.

In today’s episode I’ve included clips from Graham Blackburn’s “Hand planes for joinery”, Chuck Bender’s “Secret drawers & hidden compartments” & Charles Brock’s “The Sculpted Rocker – A study of form and function”.

To learn more about each of these lecturers, books, DVDs or possible upcoming classes visit the following link for each:
Graham Blackburn – www.blackburnbooks.com
Chuck Bender – www.acanthus.com
Charles Brock – www.charlesbrockchairmaker.

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  1. Matt Hartley says:

    Nice Little Sample, I hope at one point i can make it down to a WIA 🙂

  2. Lynn Kerby says:

    Sorry Matt, but this was pretty much a waste of 20 minutes of viewing time. Hope you didn’t spend a lot of time editing. Even cranked all the way up on my system Graham’s audio was almost non-existent and completely unintelligible. The others were only slightly better. No problem with the intro comments though :-).

    I came here to see if it was any better on the MBW website since I listen through iTunes but it appeared to be the same quality in the browser. Bummer!

    • Matt says:

      Lynn sorry to hear this was such a bad experience. Unfortunately I don’t have access to plug into the media system at the event.

      I make every effort to provide the best quality of content I can, but occasionally I guess I fail the audience as you feel I’ve wasted your time.

      I did spend a little time trying to clean up much of the footage and improve the sound where I could, but when I travel I use my point and shoot flip camera. There are limitations to what it can do.

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