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November 14, 2011

I’m late to the game as usual, but in this case, being late is better than never showing up at all. What am I talking about? The Woodworkers Fighting Cancer Charity Build.

If you’re not familiar with Woodworkers Fighting Cancer it’s a charity started by our good friend Marc Spagnuolo – The Wood Whisperer to help raise funds and awareness about research to fight a disease that has probably touched each and everyone of us at some time in our lives.

The most recent fund raiser involves individuals building a Rocking Horse from free downloadable plans available through WOOD Magazine. The project was one that could be accomplished with a minimal number of tools and wasn’t so much a challenge that even brand new woodworkers would feel comfortable tackling it.

The build was a lot of fun and I learned a few things along the way…especially an important lesson about spray adhesives and my disdain for jigsaws. But you’ll hear and see more about that in the video.

For more information on Woodworkers Fighting Cancer, including how you can donate directly, visit www.thewoodwhisperer.com/wfc/.

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  1. samg says:

    I hate you Matt !

    I just finished building the very same horse (last shelac coat is drying as i write this lines) using my poor old jigsaw in combination with rasp and hours of sanding. And now i see your video i realize how much easier it might have been with a bandsaw.

    I spent the last entire year fighting against the idea that i need a bandsaw, and was almost convinced at this point that i could live without especially given that i don’t really have the space in my shop for it. And there you come and i now feel i must have one.

    Ggrrrrrr !!
    I hate you Matt !


  2. kosta says:

    Hey Matt this is good stuff. I wish would have had the time to build one of these rocking horses. One question is how is the dust collection with that spindle sander. I just got the Ridgid Belt/ spindle sander combo and when I turn on the shop vac I don’t smell the fine dust and I really don’t see it in the air but it still builds up pretty good at the end of the table. Just wondering if the same thing happens to you.


    • Matt says:

      Hi Kosta,

      I had my idea on a Rigid Spindle sander for a long time, but this Jet spindle sander works amazing too. Very happy with it!

      I’ve had a similar experience with this model and the sawdust accumulating at the ends. I have a feeling it has everything to do with static. Between the movement and friction of the sanding sleeve, the tabletop and the wood it’s inevitable a little static electricity is going to build up. As a result, sawdust is going to hang around or just get swept up and moved by the stock.

      Still…I’m amazed at how well these models keep from the sawdust being thrown back up into our faces. Thanks for watching!

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