476 Which shoulder plane?

February 5, 2012

Today’s episode is the first of a series answering many of the questions and topic suggestions you the audience have sent me over the last 6 years. I frequently get questions regarding choosing tools, stock, projects and great feedback on things we’ve already covered.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance, all that often, to take these questions and turn them into the great content they’d make. So while I’m currently finishing up a couple of project builds, I thought we’d do start tackling the list of audience inspired episodes.

In today’s show, a listener asked about choosing a shoulder plane. He asked specifically about two models, the Stanley No.92 and the Ron Hock Shoulder plane kit. While I prefer not to make specific recommendations on which tool to purchase, I do have an opinion on the features that make a good one and things to consider when thinking of purchasing.

I’d love your feedback on today’s episode and your suggestion for this listener and also the many others who have asked very similar questions about shoulder planes also. Leave a comment in today’s shownotes or drop us a line mattsbasementworkshop@gmail.com.

And if anyone noticed the video seems a little off, I’ve been experimenting with using my iPhone as a video camera…it still needs a little tweaking, but not too bad.

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  1. nateswoodworks says:

    I have an older Stenley #92 and it does get the job done, but it is a pain to adjust. A couple months ago I was in Woodcraft and talking to their resident plane guy and we got onto the subject about Stanley’s shoulder plane. He showed me quite a few changes they made in their recent revamp of the plane. It was a lot smoother adjusting, my only gripe, and the fit and finish was much better. Now if I was buying new, mine was used when I bought, I would save longer for the Veritas but the Stanley is a different animal than it used to be. Just thought it deserved mentioning.

  2. Joey B says:

    I would be really interested if you would be able to do a same type of video on smoother planes also. Any chance of doing something like that? Along with maybe a look at wooden plane or even old metal plane restorations vs a new Lee Valley or Veritas?

    • Matt says:

      Hi Joey

      I think you’ll find some of the information you’re asking about in an earlier series I did on hand planes back in January and February of 2010.

      It was part of my “The Daily Matt” series. I covered each of the plane families, metal vs wooden and even modern vs vintage.

      It’s not in great detail, but hopefully enough to answer some questions.

      Of course if you have more after checking them out, don’t hesitate to contact me again.

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