482 Building a Hock smoothing plane kit pt 2

April 1, 2012

On today’s episode we wrap up the construction of the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Last week we assembled the pieces, glued it all up and set it aside to dry in the clamps. Today we start the work to make it a fully functioning hand plane.

I’ll walk you through one method of truing the sole to make it flat, which is extremely important for it to work the way it’s suppose to. We’ll shape the body to a size and feel that not only makes it unique from other planes on my shelf, but feels right in my hands. And then we’ll take it for a maiden voyage and discuss a little bit about adjusting the blade of a wooden bodied plane vs the metal bodied versions with mechanical adjusters.

If you’ve built a Hock Smoothing Plane or something similar, I’d love to hear about it. Send pictures if you have any available, I may even post them so others can see your work.

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  1. Jim Brennan says:

    Looks lovely, now sell off all your veritas planes to me real cheap, and make your new ones in wood. Good show Matt, I will try and build the spokeshave along with you when it is time

  2. John Verreault (aka JohnnyVee) says:

    What a gorgeous plane Matt! We are at about the same level of “wooden plane adjusting” ability, you and I…but as you said, it will get better with a little practice. One thing, you might want to mention is that the Lee Valley Plane Hammer has a wooden insert on one end of the brass head…I own one too so I know why you kept flipping it over (i.e. metal on metal and wood on wood prevents damage) but others might not. Great episode.



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