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June 23, 2012

I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions. I vow to stop making them every January 5th, which usually coincides with the same day I give up on the diet/exercise program I started on January 1st. However, this year I decided to give it one more try and announced on Wood Talk Online Radio that by the end of the year I’d give my shop a much needed facelift.

This is nothing new in the basement workshop, in fact it’s something I had been vowing to do for a long time. For a long time now I’ve been getting frustrated with how cluttered my shop was feeling and even more frustrated at my inability to get work done without having to constantly move things around just to accomplish a single task.

To be quite honest, the extra time it was taking me to clear a spot to plane a board or to set up a tool for a cut that should take only 30 seconds to accomplish was becoming too long. Not to mention that I was constantly losing small items and tools in the ever growing piles. In other words…SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE!

Today’s episode is a tour of my new shop layout. I have yet to put it through its paces on a project, but there’s room to tweak it for optimal flow and efficiency when I do.

A huge thanks to the folks over at Port-A-Mate for their help with a few new items to make the shop a better and safer place to work.

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  1. John Verreault says:

    Great episode Matt!
    Lots of new stuff and I see you took down that “big ol’ bazooka” of an air cleaner from ShopVac…just out of curiosity, since I have the same Steel City one you appear to have replaced it with, how are you finding that versus the “bazooka” (which, oddly enough, I also had a version of)? One question on the dust collection, are you planning on getting a canister filter for the collector?
    Great job on the shop redo and you’ve inspired me to clean up my own land of confusion that is currently my shop.
    Have a great weekend my friend.
    Take care

    John ;^)

    • Matt says:

      The old bazooka air cleaner is still around in the shop. I’m thinking of propping it up near the workbench whenever I have sanding I want done in the basement workshop.

      It’s small enough to tuck alongside the bench or even under the jointer out feed wing.

      The thing I like the most about the larger air cleaner is the multiple speeds and timer. Often when I leave the shop at the end of the day I just let it run for 20 minutes to help clean it up of any residual sawdust floating around that may have been stirred up AFTER all the action has been long done and over with.

      Hope the inspiration to clean up the shop carried through to yours lol!

  2. Glyn Weir says:

    Love what you’ve done with the place. You put a lot of thought into it and your flow should be much improved. But what happened to the wonderful shelf full of planes that always used to show up in you videos? Your 360 degree view of the shop stopped a abut 300 degrees. I’m not being picky. I have the same issue with plane storage and wnated to see if you had come up with an idea that might solve my own problem.

    Happy woodworking.

    • Matt says:

      The hand planes are still upon the shelf, and eventually I’m hoping to make a new storage platform for them that’s more compact.

      That’s a topic and build project to come soon I hope!

  3. KDawg says:

    Love the content!!! We are looking at building a home and a workshop is in the plans as well. So, will be looking to layout the new shop (hopefully soon).

    One thing, Saw your drill press is on a moveable base. Do you have any details on it? I’m looking at replacing my existing press with a floor model, but didn’t think about a moveable base because it’s so top heavy. Do you have any issues with it being unsteady? Also, what did you do for your drill press table? Looks nice!!!

    • Matt says:

      I have yet to have problems with my drill press being up on the mobile base. It’s possible to attach it directly to the mobile base top (made from scrap plywood) to add even more stability, but it’s so heavy I haven’t had a need to do it yet.

      As for the table, that’s a model sold by Lee Valley http://www.leevalley.com/US/wood/page.aspx?p=63315&cat=1,240,41060. The funny thing is, I originally bought it for my old bench top drill press and it was too big, with this drill press it’s almost too small lol!

      • Todd says:

        I too have my drill prerss on a mobile base. (I think the base was built for a bandsaw) It works great! I have the drill press base attached to 3/4″ plywood which is then attached to the base. I have also placed a 50lb bag of play sand on the base to help stabilize it. (helps a lot!)

        I’m thinking about building a mobile storage unit to be located btween the drill press table and the mobile base to store drill bits and clamps.

  4. kDawg says:

    Thanks for the details. Just picked up my Floor Drill Press, so will have to start looking at designs for the mobile base!!!

  5. Bob Egbert says:

    Matt, Great looking shop how do you keep it so clean? How about an epasode on your dust collection and things you did/do to keep it dust free What is that air cleaner hanging in the back?
    Keep up the good work. Nice site as well. Your moving up buddy.

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