493 Table saw sled

October 7, 2012


I’d love to tell you it would be something über cool, ultra modern and hip…but then it wouldn’t be on this show if it were. Instead, the first project on the new saw is something FOR THE NEW SAW; it’s a very basic, no frills crosscut sled.

Basic Table Saw Sled

The entire sled is built from scraps and cutoffs laying around the shop, the only thing I didn’t make myself was the Micro Jig ZeroPlay Guide Bars. I maybe doing this on the cheap, and can easily just toss it on the burn pile and start all over, but why worry about loose miter bar guides when I can spend the money on these reusable and adjustable manufactured ones that take all the worry our for me? (In full disclosure, when we gave away a few pairs of these over the summer, I snagged myself a set from the pile…don’t worry…Micro Jig already knows)

If you follow the show on either Facebook or Google+ I mentioned getting ready to build one and asked what the ones look like that you’ve built. A number of you responded with some really interesting ideas, both simple and WAY tweaked out.

I’d love to see and hear more of your creations, please send them in and I’ll put together a gallery on the website to share with everyone. Email them to mattsbasementworkshop@gmail.com.

Items mentioned in today’s show:
Micro Jig ZeroPlay Guide Bars

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  1. Chet Kloss says:


    I couldn’t tell from the video but did you use two microjig bars (one for each miter slot) or just one?


    • Matt says:

      Hey Chet,

      I used just one, I had originally planned to use one on each side, but after I attached the first one I was shocked at how solid it was.

      I may add a second one, but not parallel too, instead in line with the first. This would give me more travel when first putting the sled on the table top.

  2. Ken F says:

    Nice Table Saw (SawStop) and a Sled is the best #1 fixture for any Table saw,
    But try not to use this saw as a workbench I know watching video the sled was
    Raised up while drilling but I still cringed a little.

    • Matt says:

      After using the granite topped saw, not using the tablesaw top it’s going to be very difficult lol.

      I have to get into the mindset of putting something protective down if I do any gluing or other work on there.

      Of course, this could be a great excuse to finally upgrade the workbench?!

  3. Thanks for the very well timed time video, I will be making a sled very soon. I’ve watched a few videos on how to make one and yours is among the easiest. I appreciate you keeping it simple for my feeble brain to comprehend.

  4. samg says:

    Hi Matt
    Nice jig for tablesaw i’m sure (i’m not a tablesaw user)
    Did i hear right you said can be used on a bandsaw ? If one day you decide to try this one on a bandsaw please don’t forget to film, i definitely don’t want to miss that !!! I mean the moment when you scrub your back head right after ;c)
    Just kidding

    Looking forward on the projects.

  5. phil stevens says:

    Nice video if one has a jointer. So many of these instructional videos assume that hobby furniture makers, like myself, have the money, and space to acquire jointers, bandsaws, lathes, etc. It would be nice if Matt would present alternatives to construction.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Phil,

      I agree showing options is a great way to help show folks how easy it can be to make great accessories and tools like the sled, unfortunately I get pressed for time and can’t always demonstrate all the options. Maybe a follow up video might help.

      Thanks for watching.

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