497 Bedside Tables Pt 3

December 2, 2012

At this point in the project, I’ve milled all the components I need to get things started for the joinery work so it’s time to move on. The first task to tackle is cutting the dovetails that will join the top front and back rails to the legs.

Both of these components will be dovetailed into place, but before moving on to the dovetailed ends of the rails, I need to cut them to length and then define the shoulders of the dovetails. This is a simple task, but when you’re not paying close enough attention to your setup things can go wrong, as you’ll see in today’s video.

As for the dovetails themselves – because they’re not thru dovetails, and instead half-blind dovetails, removing waste material can be a little tricky. Rather than sticking to my usual technique that involves using a dovetail saw and a chisel or two, for some reason I decided to try something different.

I’m a huge advocate of “trying something different” every now and then, but this time I should’ve stuck to my tried and true method. In the end the result was good, the joint is solid, but the route I took to get there was a little too windy.

Plan on seeing a special excerpt video coming later this week where I demonstrate my tried and true technique.

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  1. SamG says:

    Hey Matt have you tried choping the dovetail without the drill ?
    Everytime i tryed to remouve most of materials with a drill i ended trying without and 99% time it’s just as much work with the chisel.


    • Matt says:

      Sam my tried and true method of cutting half-blind dovetails is by chopping them out. In fact, the remaining legs were all handled by returning to this method and abandoning drilling out the waste.

      It takes about 10 minutes per leg at most, and the hardest part is not overchopping…because I just like to take one more pass LOL.

      As I mentioned in the shownotes, I plan to post a video of this method later this week to make up for not putting it in this episode instead.

  2. Hi Matt. I subscribe to your videos via a podcast player called Downcast and I noticed that I can not view your latest video. I get a message to go to Blip.com to view the video. Anyway you can get the old way working again?



    • Matt says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Interesting, I haven’t made any changes to the video file. I’ll check with Blip.com to see if this is a system wide issue or if it’s just my own file. Sometimes it’s a small hiccup due to server changes or upgrades that don’t get announced to content producers like myself.

      Can you try it again later today and see if you’re getting the same message? I’ll admit the original file is much larger than any other I’ve submitted, but that shouldn’t be an issue unless Downcast has a limit on the size of files.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Jack in TN says:

    I “Nair”ly saw that comming.

  4. Andy Gartzke says:

    Hey Matt,

    I really like the newer camera angles (maybe they’re not new and I just hadn’t been paying close enough attention?!) Riding the sled was cool. Nice work on upping the “film”-like work, a bit Lie-Nielsen-esque…

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