499 Bedside Tables Pt 5

December 29, 2012

The holidays have really set me behind schedule on completing this set of bedside tables. Luckily though, I’ve been promising Samantha I’d build them for a few years now, so she’s use to the delayed schedule.

Almost there!!!

Almost there!!!

In today’s episode I’m concentrating on getting the drawers built. Nothing fancy about these boxes. Rabbeted ends on the sides to attach to the front and back of the boxes. A simple groove for the plywood bottom. And then eventually a false front for the drawer face (a topic I’ll discuss in an upcoming episode).

I know many of you will be asking why there’s no dovetailed boxes or why I decided to use basic drawer slides vs homemade or a more expensive version. The fact of the matter is simply that the boxes will be closed the majority of the time, and while I love dovetailed joinery, I don’t feel the need to use it all the time when there’s other options.

Speaking of options, the one point of controversy I’m anticipating from today’s video will be surrounding my single blade method of cutting the rabbets. I won’t go into details about it here, but I stand by method and will simply state once again; it works, it’s safe and if you’re not comfortable with it don’t do it.

Tools featured in today’s episode:
Micro-Jig Grrripper

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  1. tom says:

    your rabbet technique looked fine to me except the push stick you used or something similar is a must, you have to have control over the wood and fingers or ordinary push sticks won’t do it

    • Matt says:

      That’s the most important point of the lesson, ordinary push sticks won’t work. They have to be something solid, wide and your hands out of the danger zone.

  2. Ken F says:

    Cutting the rabbet that way is fine I use that technique also.
    The key is a smooth table surface a sharp blade and a good
    push block, and it looked like you were there with all of that.

    But you should look at making or buying a zero clearance insert.

    • Matt says:

      Ken do you own stock in a zero clearance insert manufacturer LOL? But in all seriousness, I do have a zero clearance insert for the saw I just have been to lazy to use it (poor excuse I know).

  3. Chris Holm says:

    Hi Matt,
    I was curious at why you use the riving knife while using the cross cut sled? Is there a benefit to using them together? I have used the saw stop at some of the schools I have taken classes at and if I remember correctly the riving knife comes off easily with a quick lever action.
    I have an 12 year old power-matic A64 that I got used and the riving knife was gone. I have been using a crosscut sled because I think it is more accurate and safer. I should get a riving knife for ripping stock but haven’t gotten off my backside to do it yet. Do they make after market knives that fit various saws?
    Thanks …….. Chris Holm

  4. Chris Holm says:

    Thanks Matt, Peace of mind is a good enough reason for me. Thanks…..Chris

  5. Greg Johnson says:

    Hi Matt,

    Personally I would not cut the rabbets as you did. If the board drags at all on the end away from the blade, you could get kickback.

    You have a cross-cut sled. Could you have used that instead?

    • Matt says:

      I get your hesitation, like I mentioned in the video around the 10 minute mark there is always a possibility of kickback if you’re not careful. I still stand by my technique, but yes I could’ve easily accomplished the same thing with a crosscut sled. Maybe next time?!

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