502 Maple Table Base Pt 2

February 23, 2013

In today’s episode we’re wrapping up the two part series on the construction of a Maple table base for a our friend’s daughter.


Previously we touched a little on the overall design of the legs and then spent the rest of the episode creating the template to duplicate the legs with our solid Maple stock.

I used the template to not only rough out the legs on the material but I also used it to finesse them on the router table by flush trimming the oversized pieces down to their finished sizes.

In this episode we’re picking up where we left off last time and starting to assembly the project into the finished base. The hard part is all done, so this should be straight forward and pretty uncomplicated.

But you know me…I can’t let anything be that uncomplicated. In the process of drilling holes for dowels to use in the assembly I make a small mistake that really can’t be ignored.

So part of this episode is devoted to how I fixed the mistake and was able to get things back on track to a great ending.

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  1. Joe O says:

    Nice little project Matt. I think the chamfers on the legs really give them a nice look. Thanks for the tips!

  2. J Mack says:

    Matt, the table turned out really nice. I might have to make something like that for my kids someday. I liked your trick with filling in the dowel holes. I actually just did the same thing with a 1/4″ deep dado. Just glued in a filler piece in place, and sanded it flush.

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