512 Platform Bed Build No. 1 the “Undercarriage”

October 6, 2013

The Platform Bed build is just getting underway. This first episode is the construction of the “undercarriage” or support system for the slats that will be used to keep the mattress from falling through the middle of the platform frame.

Platform bed undercarriage

Because it’s being hidden from view I decided to not use the same wood species as the rest of the bed frame, in fact the secondary wood is just Poplar. It’s plain, simple and more importantly in my neck of the woods, inexpensive.

The design of this support system is very straight forward and there are a number of options for constructing it. The joinery choice for me came down to something that was pretty simple but very strong, a corner lap joint. And to take that lap joint even further, the joinery for the long middle support is a half-blind lap joint.

How I constructed both of these joints is something I share in today’s episode. There’s different ways to construct each and my choice is the one that works best for me. But if you want to learn more about what the various options are for this joinery and many more, a great resource for the power tool user is the book “Classic Joints with Power Tools” by Yeung Chan.

A full set of detailed plans are available, thanks to Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts.

You can find them by visiting our new “Digital Downloads Store” by clicking here.

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  1. Gary says:

    Nice job on the undercarriage Matt. Nothing wrong using Popular for it. I subscribe to the Hand Tool School with Shannon so the choice of hand tool use on it was good to see. Looking forward to the rest of the build. Have fun stay safe. Gary

  2. John Verreault says:

    Love this episode! The hybrid bent you’ve taken is great you electro-galoot you. LOL.

  3. John Fitz says:

    Hi Matt – nice job on the joinery. I’m looking forward to the test of the build.

  4. Hey Matt,

    My thought when you added the outboard support for your plane was what I was thinking. I may have clamped a long support as you did except have it longer so cross clamps can help secure so it wouldn’t move like it did for you. Anyway, I looking forward watching this project. Also looking forward meeting you in Covington Saturday evening. My wife and I will be celebrating our 34th anniversary over that weekend and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it by seeing you three guy.

  5. Larry Thayer says:

    Matt, As a spokesperson for underground (basement) woodworkers everywhere, can you do an episode or short on how you manage to get larger pieces of material (plywood, long boards) in and out of your workshop?

    It is getting close to basement work-time again as the leaves are starting to blow sideways in Western Michigan.

  6. Sean Rubino says:

    Hey Matt,
    Do you have a board foot estimate of how much you needed to make the bed? I just got a possible commission and I have to quote a lumber cost. The customer wants a platform bed too. Thanks.

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