515 Platform Bed No. 4 “Box assembly”

December 6, 2013

It feels like I skipped around a little in the last episode and should have instead saved working on the legs until after the assembly work in today’s episode.

platform bed box drawing

With that said, in this episode we’re assembling the box upon which the platform will rest and the legs will be attached. In other words, we’re doing the foundation work.

We’ll start by prepping the outside surface of the box itself, followed by joining the dovetails and then inserting and attaching the “undercarriage”.

So let’s get started…

Tools mentioned in today’s episode:
Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig
LN Card Scraper Set

A full set of detailed plans are available, thanks to Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts.

You can find them by visiting our new “Digital Downloads Store” by clicking here.

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  1. Larry Thayer says:

    There is an unusual twist in the staircase going from our first to second floor. It is a former two family so there is a kitchen on both floors. We needed to take a new refrigerator upstairs once and really worried about how to manipulate the new box on the stairwell while grunting and sweating under the weight. The nagging question was, when the new refrigerator came home, was it going to fit the stairwell well enough to even be able to be moved upstairs.

    We built a huge box with lath, cardboard, and a stapler to simulate the size and bulk of the new item. The box made it up the stairs, and later, so did the refrigerator. Don’t ask how the old refrigerator exited the second floor, but let’s just say, we should have had video.

    Are you going to be able to sail the “SS Vanderlist” on the open ocean or will it always be moored in Devil’s Cove? In other words, is that box ever going to make it out of the basement?

    Or … will you have to move the bedroom downstairs and move the shop to the main floor?

    Wait a minute! What Genius!

    “Matt’s Bedroom Workshop”

    You’ll double your followers by snagging those late night net surfers looking for something totally unrelated to working wood as well as us regular viewers.

    But maybe you might keep this to yourself until after the holidays in case once you share your ideas with the family, you will be sleeping downstairs in your shop.

    In future episodes I’m seeing you in a night cap and night shirt, using a C-Pap machine instead of a dust mask … This could be big.

    Matt’s Bedroom Workshop. Unique to the world. Perfect.

    • Matt says:

      Did you get a copy of the demo video for the new series? I’ll have to figure out how that got out there! No worries yet about the bed getting stuck in the shop, I made that mistake once (thankfully I simply had to remove the crown moulding on that project that time).

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