516 Platform Bed Pt 5 “We have legs!”

January 5, 2014

leg tenon for platform bed

It’s official, the platform bed now has legs to stand on! We constructed and shaped them awhile ago, but finally attached them to the rest of the subassembly just recently.

My biggest concern is making sure they’re properly reinforced and can withstand potentially being dragged across a floor or from a leap across the room Superman style (it happens…and not just by my son either…)

As has been happening all along, the original plan and design has been altered slightly and we’ll cover a little bit about that too. But I’m happy with how they turned out and satisfied that the design change not only looks better but is more rigid and stable.

A full set of detailed plans are available, thanks to Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts.

You can find them by visiting our new “Digital Downloads Store” by clicking here.

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  1. Matt Hoffman says:

    Good Stuff! Keep it coming. (Are you snowed under yet? We are to get around 14 inches here in North West Ohio.

  2. Craig says:

    Hey Matt, I was wondering why you didn’t use glue on the legs? Is it because it would have been a cross grain glue up?

    • Matt says:

      That has a lot to do with it actually. I doubt very seriously the wood movement is going to be that severe, but with a component like this I prefer to count on mechanical fasteners and joinery to work for me.

  3. John Fitz says:

    Nice show. Good decision on the design change for the legs, it will keep all the weight from the bed on a compressive force on the legs, instead of a shear force on the mechanical fasteners.

    I was also wondering about the glue.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks! The more I thought about the look and stability of the legs, the more I realized I wanted them tied into the box versus “attached”.

      Perhaps an alternate design would be to mortise the box into them like one would an apron on a table? I think the contrasting grain directions would look nice.

      As for the glue, I should add to my previous reply that I was a little concerned about wood movement, given the perpendicular grain directions. Although, I’m not that convinced it’s a major concern.

  4. Big Cheese says:

    Good show. Can’t wait to see the finished bed. I was wondering why you didn’t opt for pocket screws for the angled braces for the legs?

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