523 Bathroom cabinet part 2

April 21, 20142 Comments

bathroom cabinet construction
In today’s episode we’re moving along on the bathroom cabinet by constructing all three doors. The two on top and the flip down version below.

All three are a form of frame and panel construction, but the biggest difference is in how I chose to assemble them. For the two larger doors up top, the panel is actually 3/4” plywood glued to the stiles creating one large piece.

Then for the flip-down door I used a more “traditional” construction technique and turned to a rail and stile router bit set to create the joinery.

Once all the doors were constructed, we also need to drill the holes that will make up the adjustable shelving system behind the two doors on top.

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  1. Matt,

    I don’t want to be the guy who immediately says “Oh, you should’ve. . . ” but I’ll take the risk to pass on to you something I figured out recently.

    I, too, hate the stopped rabbets needed in more artistic (read: non-45 degree mitered) picture frames. The last time I made one I simply glued the corners together and then ran the frame around the rabbeting bit on the router table. The next frame piece redirected the bit, meaning the router stopped the rabbet in its own and did absolutely as much work as possible, and I only had to clean up the 3/8 inches of the rounded corners with a chisel. The glued corners provided support for the remaining piece on the verticals, helping me avoid breaking them off. That technique will would work next time you are presented with this situation for the flip-down door.

    Again, don’t hear this is as me criticizing you, just passing on an idea that worked for me. Keep the good videos coming. They give me something to do while washing the dishes every night.

    • Matt says:

      Hey Wendell where’s the criticizing? I just see a suggestion for another way to get the task done, maybe with a little less chance of a break lol! Thanks for the suggestion.

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