524 Bathroom cabinet part 3

May 3, 20144 Comments

After what felt like forever I finally completed the pre-finishing process for the body of the bathroom cabinet. A brown dye with a few coats of poly and it’s now ready for assembly. If you’re curious how this first attempt at a pre-finish went, checkout my earlier blog “Confessions of a first time pre-finisher”.

Cherry plywood cabinet

In today’s episode we’re concentrating on getting the doors installed. At this point it’s all about finessing the fit to get the desired reveal I like for inset doors.

While I like to think I have enough experience to be able to hang the doors without a lot of effort, the truth is I rely a lot on the adjustability of the European-style hinges I’m using in this build.

Installation of this style of hinge looks complicated at first, but in reality it’s a lot easier than you may expect. But to make it even easier we’ll cover the construction of a story stick to make it quick and easy to layout all the hinges quickly and accurately.

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  1. Michael Mathews says:

    I noticed that when you were making, and talking about, the story stick, there was some glue squeeze out on the inside of the doors. I do realize they weren’t finished at this point. What did you do to clean up that squeeze out? How did you clean it out?
    Thanks! …and great show!

    • Matt says:

      Yes there was a lot of glue squeeze-out on those LOL! I kind of wish I had taken the time to remove it before I filmed, but I was on a bit of a schedule and was already falling behind.

      Right now I’m prepping the doors for the finishing process, so they’re being scraped and sanded. So far this has taken care of pretty much all of it.

      Here’s hoping when I starting applying the dye I don’t discover an area or two I missed.

  2. Mitchell Scott says:

    Sommerfeld makes an “Easy Bore” jig specifically for installing European hinges. It works like a dream.

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