527 Another bottle opener?

July 11, 20144 Comments

Short of having a bottle opener in every room of the house I don’t really have a need for another one. But when inspiration strikes, who am I to stand in its way?

small bottle openers

Rosewood and a burl sure are pretty!

So on today’s episode we’re making another bottle opener. Except this time, I know for a fact you can easily find this version just about everywhere (even Amazon.com), and in most cases for under a $1.

Plus, with this style of opener, there’s a lot of ways you can dress it up or have a little a fun with the scraps you’ll be using.

In fact, you can use scraps that might ordinarily be tossed simply because they’re practically the size of cutoffs and chips that probably go flying across the room when you use your mitersaw.

So crack open a cold one (grape-soda or otherwise) and kickback for a quick project you can knock out in an hour or two and literally for just a few dollars.

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  1. Stan P says:

    Matt, you know if you just brought a keg you wouldn’t need so many bottle openers, but they do look nice. I had made some wall mount ones with rare earth magnets. I would show you a picture of them, but I can’t attach it to the comment.

  2. tom says:

    i noticed a lot of movement of your bench when you where planing, wasn’t there going to be a bench build? , good project to justify hoarding scraps, maybe

    • Matt says:

      Yes, it’s still on the drawing board as I move forward. For now, it’s a matter of putting my hip into the bench and making it hold its ground while I try to work LOL.

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