528 Hip photo clipboards

July 26, 20147 Comments

In the never-ending quest to answer the timeless woodworker question “what do you do with your scraps?” I have yet another answer, photo clipboards!

small wood clipboard

Actually, this one came directly from my beautiful and amazing wife Samantha, who was looking for something new to present to her wedding photography clients.

The concept is simple. Take a beautiful piece of scrap wood, shape it a little if necessary, clean up its surfaces so there’s no splinters, apply a simple finish to protect it and attach a clip to one face.

The result is an amazingly simple project that can be as big or small as you need for your presentation and a great way to clean out your scrap pile (or to just experiment with some pricey exotics without breaking the bank.)

Looking for clips to make your own? Here’s the model I’m currently using Metal Clipboard Clips, 2 per Pack, 3-Inch, Antique Nickel Finish from Idea-ology

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  1. jHop says:

    Nice! Out of curiosity, why not mark the location of the screw head first, and drill those out a little deeper at the start?

    And do you have any suggestions for those who might not have a Forstner bit?

    • Matt says:

      That would involve thinking ahead LOL! As for alternatives to the forstner bit; a twist bit or brad point bit of comparable size would work, a router bit also if you could secure the piece properly. There’s also a little mortise chopping too, but that might take a little longer.

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