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December 12, 2014

matt drinking coffee

Mornings are rough…coffee good…

Mornings can be rough for me, but a good cup of coffee can make all the difference. Over the years we’ve tried several different coffee makers, including the K-cups, but in the end we always come back to our good old Mr. Coffee coffee maker. As a result it’s important to make sure I get the right amount of coffee grounds in the filter every time for the perfect cup. This doesn’t sound like it should be a big deal, but when I’m doing it with one eye open (and that one eye is unfocused and sleepy) it can be a challenge.

For years we’ve used an old measuring scoop that I’ve never been convinced was giving us the right measurements (or at least for me it hasn’t,) so I decided to do something about it. And that something is to make my own coffee scoop from scrap maple I have laying around. Okay, that’s not completely true, part of the reason I want to make the new coffee scoop is that I want an excuse to keep honing my woodturning skills and this seemed like the perfect project.

So on today’s episode, we’re turning a maple bodied coffee scoop on the lathe. It’s surprisingly simple, and can be knocked out in less than an hour (if you’re not filming it to share with friends.) Perhaps the hardest part about the project is deciding how big of a scoop you’ll need, or even what species of wood to use. This one ended up being just deep enough to equal one cup of coffee per scoop, which is perfect for me, because the only math I have to do when I’m waking up is adding up the number of cups I think I’ll need to figure out which pair of pants to wear.

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  1. Eric Rusch Sr says:

    Nice job Matt.
    It looks great.
    Your turning skills are getting pretty smooth.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Very cool! I so wanna make one of these .. but I need a lathe first. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I’ll wander across the street and borrow my neighbor’s lathe. Ain’t Seattle great? 😀

  3. jason piper says:

    your falling down the turning rabbit hole. pretty soon you’ll be building a treadle lathe 🙂

  4. Brian Benham says:

    Now you need to come out with the basement blend. I’d totally by that over Starbucks

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