537 Madison’s Dresser Pt 1 “Design Talk”

February 5, 20151 Comment

I’m only a few years behind finally building a dresser for my daughter, but it’s just in time for her to graduate from High School in a couple of years and head off to college.

Madisons dresser concept art

In this first episode of a multi-part build series we talk about my own design process, starting from the rough idea in my head then taking it to the finished plans and drawings.

For many, inspiration comes from a variety of places, but for myself it’s mostly a result of the family identifying a need and letting me know we need to fill it.

While it’s a far cry from being inspired by a mythological muse it’s still very effective and has resulted in some great projects that fill our house.

Episode available for download in the following formats:
|SD Video||720HD Video||Audio only|

A full set of detailed plans are available for sale on my website, thanks to Brian Benham of Benham Design Concepts, you can find them by clicking here to visit our new “Digital Downloads Store.”

Now that the tall dresser is completed here’s your opportunity to see all the bonus footage originally exclusive to Patrons of Matt’s Basement Workshop. From my thoughts on the design process, to selecting and milling rough stock, assembling the components, and then eventually to finishing it all with milk paint and so much more.

All this great content is now available to purchase and download, or rent and watch, to help you build this amazing dresser in your own shop. For more information visit my Video-on-demand page at Vimeo.com by clicking here.

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